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Digitalize Your Graded Card With NFT/MGC

A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, We turn your graded card into a one of a kind NFT which you can trade, sell or hold digitally in your online wallet.

All users must own a Metamask crypto wallet in order to hold the created NFT. If you need help or advice feel free to contact 0800 848 8054. 

1) Choose which slab you want turned into an NFT

2) purchase NFT 

3) MGC team will reach out and take care of the artwork process and the minting of the NFT. 

4) Your NFT once complete will be sent to your Meta Mask wallet where you can the list for auction, trade it or simply hold it for the future.

T&Cs You do not own the rights to the card or the artwork you simply own the digital asset of the created image of your encapsulated card. 

Minting cost and etherum Gas cost is included within the price. Turnaround time is dependent on the service you choose for your card to be graded. 

Once transferred to your crypto wallet you're free to do what you wish with you asset. It can be listed on a auction site, sold or traded for another digital asset or held in your wallet for the future.