Bronze service - 2-8 week TCG Grading Service

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Bronze service 2-8 week Grading Service (Graded/Cased/Returned)
Select your service and how many cards you will be grading with MGC UK.
Bronze Service Includes:
  • A qualified MGC Grading Executive will authenticate your TCG Cards.
  • A Grade from 1 (Poor) to 10 (Gem Mint)
  • Ultrasonic tamper proof Sealed Plastic Case/Slab
  • Authentication number look up, MGC Secure Tech, UV Security Ink.
  • Free Protective sleeve
  • Securely Packaged

Select how many cards you would like too grade, purchase the package you require ie Bronze/Silver/Gold. Once completed you will receive an email with the link to the print out.

Print Outs:

Address Label for MGC Grading HQ  

MGC Booking Form and Return Address details ( Please ensure you include all the correct information and enclose in your package before sending too MGC Grading HQ.)

For more information on how to submit - Click here