Gold service - 3 Days Pokémon TCG Grading Service (Graded/Cased/Returned)

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Gold service - 3 days Grading Service (Graded/Cased/Returned)
The gold service is our quickest grading service with a 3 Day turn around time. 
(Will be available once the 500 club bronze service backlog has been cleared).

Select your service and how many cards you will be grading with MGC UK.

Gold Service Includes:

  • Free UK Return Delivery via Royal Mail
  • A qualified MGC Grading Executive will authenticate your TCG Cards.
  • A Grade from 1 (Poor) to 10 (Gem Mint)
  • Ultrasonic tamper proof Sealed Plastic Case/Slab
  • Authentication number look up, MGC Secure Tech, UV Security Ink.
  • Free Protective sleeve
  • Securely Packaged

Select how many cards you would like too grade, purchase the package you require ie Bronze/Silver/Gold. Once completed you will receive an email with the link to the print out.

Print Outs:

Address Label for MGC Grading HQ  

MGC Booking Form and Return Address details ( Please ensure you include all the correct information and enclose in your package before sending too MGC Grading HQ.)

For more information on how to submit - Click here